January 17, 2018

17 // 365

i am soooooo friggin' excited about this (no thc) cbd oil thoughtcloud has sent me!

i received it on the snow day but i waited to take it today because i wanted to begin 
my treatments in the morning to see how my body will react...but first...unboxing photos, haha

& of course my vitavegavitametamins:

let's see where the journey takes me! i'll keep you posted...

xo, fox

January 16, 2018

16 // 365

another snow day!

in texas.

houston, texas.

climate change...dat shit real, y'all.

remember that little guy with the rose petals? 


man, i want to slather this in mango jucie and get my raspa on with an elote....

obligatory 'dog in snow' photo tho!

no worries - jon and i took this these fast, like under a minute 
because i didn't want his feet to get too cold! 

i call this his little jay-z coat, haha. 
do you see his little chocolate sweater underneath?!


baby mo will be 16 this august!!!!!!

^ feeties ^

^ do you remember this little dude, too? ^

me before coffee.

me after coffee.

me after shaving my head (i'm not shaving my head...)


or am i?


(i'm not)

xo, fox

January 15, 2018

15 // 365

little mini-kundalini garlands (in the making) for this week's shipments going out!

also got this neat idea from pinterest (of course, lol. like bitch DUH...all the things of things in thing land are birthed from the loins of goddess pinter...) 

they are tiny templates for jewelry tags!

i customized them on the fly because these needed to go out but i think i'll tweak the idea...

they came out so friggin' cute. i stapled the bottoms.

- and some eclipses in the making to be sent out -

presto! orders ready to go out. 
i always sign the backs with my little eye sigils for good luck and safe arrivals!

xo, fox