November 28, 2017

vitas holografĂ­a

- what a universe, no? -

xo, fox

October 20, 2017

September 5, 2017


Two years ago I (and Morris!) had the honor of being muses to one of my favorite artists and dearest virtual friends, Ms. CatFace. Sarah is a brilliant illustrator and PERFECTLY captured the spirit of my precious Momo and the things I hold dear to my heart: moons, diamonds, stargazer lilies, roses, eyes, nails that could tear a cosmic hole into the fabric of time and of course...cotton candy follicular situations!

Here is Catface's immaculate work below, take all the time you need to let it sink in. 
She's absolutely amazingly incredibly talented and I love her so!!

I wanted to reciprocate the artistic love she bestowed upon Momo and I by replicating 
this beautiful piece of art into one of my self-portraits for the month of August:

Sarah, I hope I did your gorgeous work justice - this one was directly from my heart to yours <3

View, follow and support my wonderful friend's work here: