January 30, 2012

Photos from the Davide Coffman Munisteri shoot!

So here they are! These were our favorites from the shoot. 
I am still trying to whittle down the ones I want retouched...

I don't know, what do you guys think?! I cant deciiiiiiide.

The first set starts from under the Sabine Bridge (Houston, TX)

We did a Western inspired look with vintage goodies (Blue Velvet Vintage - Austin, TX)

Davide had his heart set on this periwinkle blue night gown and silk undergarment. 
It felt sooooo good in the breeze.

Apparently this gavel belonged to the Texas House of Representatives at some point in time, haha


Now it is some kind of odd phallic symbol in these really crazy Loretta Lynn-esque looking shots with a badass model with blonde streaks in his hair and another crazy free-spirit with neon pink locks!

Love his hand movements! You can kind of see how tiny mine is in comparison to Baltazar's...

Now the second location - Downtown Houston (across from the Penzzoil Building)

Even our props were vintage! It was cool to see earphones and walkmans I had as a kid.


Even the camcorder in the back is authentic 80s goodness; 
there was still a tape left inside of it the size of a brick, haha

Those are real Olympic medals, haha 

I am curious as to what other goodies Davide has now that I think of it...

And then our 'sexaaaayyy' solo shots as Davide would say (haha):

Alright! I'm happy to wrap up my month with this shoot. 

It 'twas my first, so it'll always, always, always have a special place in my hipporacle-heart <3


Anonymous said...

Really awesome! I love all the cool clothes you got to wear :)

Anonymous said...

Balti and i are looking at these now. such a great part of this series.

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