July 5, 2012

A love affair to remember, one between a lady of the night & the Moon.

One Fate - before the two appear - I call these two photos 'moonlight moirais' ---  

Finally, the three moirai.

When I edited this, I thought of how all my inspiration and ideas usually come to 
me during the night. I guess this is my little artistic offering to our moon.

And one with color, just for good measure!

'Mark of the Moon'

I had a lot of fun doing these. My outfits always come out of thin air when an idea strikes me.

The velvet headpiece was made out of a baby doll dress!

I kind of Frankenstein my way all through these self-portraits, that's the appeal to me. 

I like to manipulate the tangible objects around me into 
the world that these fantastical self-portraits live in.

Basically I'm saying my idea of a perfect date is rummaging through junk yards & thrift stores...


Thanks for looking! Enjoy this last one - with the exception of the watermark, this is not edited.

I really love the peacefulness of it.



Manda Rave said...

These are incredible! You're so talented and beautiful :)

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