August 2, 2012

bones, eyes & flowers, always

another blog post filled with little treasures, gifs and a showcase of a bone from my collection

a beautiful union between some flowers i picked along bomar street & a current skull i'm painting.

lovely eyes i can't stop drawing...

my other little heart, morris.

i adore this jaw bone. although it is completely wrecked, i figure i could 
salvage some of the teeth and make them into jewelry for the shop.

really love this book that was given to me about notable portait photography. 
this current work shown with my bone is "nuba" by leni riefenstahl.

oh how i love bell shaped flowers. they are truly the most masculine in the floral family.

my skull is in the works - no filter on these photographs. 
i wanted to keep the integrity of the paint and texture.

(you are of my texture fetish, yes? if not then you should follow my tumblr, ha)

next time i must prime my board with gesso - i was just too excited to have received panels as gifts.

i am currently using oils as the medium in this - i have only these colors left over from 2005 that i am picking up again. this experimentation has proven to be helpful, i think i will stick with oils rather than acrylics. i actually really adore this current palette: white, red, yellow and brown. 

i can manipulate oils better. the paints are also kinder to me in conjunction with my barista schedule. sometimes i have that urge to paint but it gets cut short when i need to report to work. it helps to save your palette in tupperware along with your brushes if you happen to be like me and always on the go.

and my love once more. for good measure.

au revoir, until next time.

- fox


Manda Rave said...

So many lovely photos! And the painting looks beautiful! I wish I had that kind of skill

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