November 29, 2012

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

i have been dying to blog about this ring. 

i am so proud to be an owner of some adelina mictlan jewels!

i have had my eye on this forewarning eye ring (puns intended and welcome) the day i 
visited philly occult jeweler amanda moore's shop and snatched one of her hand of glory patches.

i wear this every single day now that it is in my possession - the compliments i receive are endless!

i barista full-time so i like making small talk while steaming milk about the jewelry i have on.

her presentation is always on point, i love her insect designs...

she hand-crafts each piece, it really is a work of art. when i take this ring off 
to shower or wash my hands, i like to set it on top of my bone altar...

i was so happy and felt really blessed to wear this at my first art show - i imbued it with a lot of power.

i feel as though i have more white light surrounding me wherever i go.

i think i'm a big jewelry hoarder more than clothing and shoes because neither ever come in my size! 
but jewelry - jewelry always prevails.... accessories trump all!

speaking of which, as if her craftsmanship wasn't generous 
enough this gorgeous patch was included with my ring!

just my taste. it's all about the eyes.

the day i get a studded leather jacket, this baby is getting sewn onto the back.

it's always about the eyes for me.

you can find this ring and many other gorgeous talismans in her shop: ADELINA MICTLAN

i can't wait for my crescent moon necklace to arrive! my jewelry addiction is thriving :)

xo, fox


Alice {the CosmicCollage} said...

I LOVE that photograph!! Wonderful.
And that's a gorgeous ring!
You're art looks great up there :)

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