August 24, 2013


In this series I thought a lot about the depths of our minds. The essence of who we are, what makes us tick. What makes us yearn and cry - the very heart of this and what makes us who we are is the psyche

The spirit, the soul, the self, the ghost of us - those are all meanings of the Greek word 'psyche'.

In this series I explored visual manifestations of the many allegorical and romantic thoughts which psychologists and philosophers have written about the psyche - Plato's cave, Freud's dreams and so on.

Entwined with such symbolism are other photos in which I feel are visual representations of my ghost. 

My little self.

Prepare yourself for my innerscape... 

'res cogitans / res extensa' 

descartes' duality between soul and body


neurosis, which is theorized by freud to be the conflict between our id and super-ego. two parts of us, the same, sometimes untapped and there subconsciously driving us mad. for me, i definitely have moments as though i feel i am two different people, constantly battling myself. constantly questioning, constantly fighting between positivity and negativity. two carriage-men holding the reigns of the wild horses leading my body into temptations and instinctual thinking.



sons of nyx. 

the oneiroi are dreams, which are the progeny of the night, nyx,

it is in the night when clarity comes to me. 
usually in the whimsical or sometimes haunting messages of my dreams. 


inner & outer light


if the soul had structure, i believe it would be comprised of sacred geometry and would be infinite, as if a circle that cycles on, and on. reincarnating and picking up memories and imprinting itself with different experiences each cycle.


i live most of my life in my cave. my thoughts, my daydreams. 


i think a lot about our spirit and what kind of tangibility it has in this material plane; if not an intricate circle or spherical ball of light, would it be like ectoplasm? something morphing by ectenic force directly out of our bodies and lingering beside the vessels contemplating whether to return or to ascend back to our outer-light...

i can only dream.

my favorite thing about psychology is that it is never black and white. 

there is so much room for theorizing about the colorful mystery of ourselves. 

- xo, fox


Manda Rave said...

Sweet Goddess, this is incredible. You are so stunning and talented and I am in awe of this. I really am. x

H I P P O R A C L E said...

thank you so much!

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